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What Are The Classification Results Of Spiral Steel Pipe Quality Inspection?

Jan. 29, 2019

According to the quality inspection results of Spiral Steel Pipes, spiral steel pipes are generally divided into three categories: qualified products, repaired products and waste products. Qualified products refer to spiral steel pipes whose appearance quality and intrinsic quality meet the relevant standard or delivery acceptance technical conditions; the repaired products refer to the appearance quality and internal quality which are not completely in compliance with the standard and acceptance strips, but are allowed to be repaired, and the standard and acceptance conditions can be met after rework. Spiral steel pipe; scrap refers to spiral steel pipe that is unqualified in appearance quality and internal quality, and does not require standard or acceptance conditions after repair or repair.

Hydrostatic test Each Spiral Welded Steel Pipes shall be subjected to hydrostatic test without leakage. The test pressure shall be calculated according to the test stress Mpa of the S-hydrostatic test in the P=2ST/D type, and the test stress of the hydrostatic test shall be as follows. The corresponding steel strip standard specifies 60% of the minimum yield (Q235 is 235Mpa). Regulating time: D<508 test pressure holding time is not less than 5 seconds; D≥508 test pressure holding time is not less than 10 seconds 4, non-destructive testing steel pipe repair welding seam, steel belt butt weld and hoop seam Perform X-ray or ultrasonic inspection. For the spiral weld of the steel direction for the transportation of combustible ordinary fluids, 100% SX ray or ultrasonic inspection shall be carried out. X-rays shall be applied to the spiral welds of steel pipes used for the transportation of common fluids such as water, sewage, air and heating steam. Ultrasonic inspection spot check (20%).

SY/T 5040-2000 Spiral Submerged Arc Welding Pipe for Piling

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