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Spiral Steel Pipe Can Increase The Warmth Temperature

Jan. 19, 2019

Spiral Steel Pipe is a steel pipe that can increase the temperature of warmth. It is often used in people's daily life and has been widely accepted and used. Spiral Steel Pipe is commonly used in the construction, decoration and pipeline laying, which can ensure the normal and smooth pipeline. Although Spiral Steel Pipe has been widely used in the world, Spiral Steel Pipe China Wholesaler's composition, insulation principle and other advantages, many people are not very clear, the following describes the composition and advantages of spiral steel pipe, so that everyone has more full of spiral steel pipe understanding. The composition of the spiral steel pipe is relatively simple, and its composition is relatively simple, which can be easily understood and imagined. Spiral steel pipe is a kind of high-density polyethylene outer tube polyurethane foam prefabricated by steel pipe, high-density polyethylene outer casing and polyurethane hard foam insulation layer filled between steel pipe and outer casing. Directly buried spiral steel pipe. Simply put the steel pipe after rust and anti-corrosion in a polyethylene casing, and inject polyurethane foam in the middle to fully fill the gap between the steel pipe and the polyethylene casing, and finally form a firm steel pipe, casing and insulation layer. Overall, the effect of anti-corrosion insulation is achieved, and spiral steel pipes are formed. The anti-corrosion insulation method of the warm steel pipe can be overhead or buried in the ground. The entire construction process can be carried out on site, which is convenient for construction and operation, and is easily controlled by the construction personnel, and the process is relatively simple.

Spiral Steel Pipe/SSAW Pipe

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